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Play Bowls Bash at Overbury

You can now book online to play bowls at Overbury! We're one of the few clubs in our area to be hosting Bowls Bash sessions - a fast and fun new format for lawn bowls.

All the equipment you will need is provided, and a friendly and helpful club member will guide you - all you need to do is make sure everyone is wearing flat shoes - trainers, pumps etc are fine (just no heels, please!).

What is Bowls Bash?

The challenge is simple – roll your bowl at the target, called the Jack.  The closer you get, the more points you can earn for your team.  Bonus points are awarded if your bowl kisses the Jack – bowls-eye!

Bowls Bash is normally played in teams of two, with players delivering 30 bowls each per match.  If the scores are level, a sudden-death tie-break determines the winner – one extra bowl per player to add to the drama!

A Bowls Bash Match lasts just an hour with everybody involved throughout, leaving plenty of time for a relaxing drink!

What are you waiting for?  Just give it a bash!

Book online now!

There are lots of sessions available to book - daytimes, evenings and weekends. Sessions are £5 per adult per session and £1 per child per session.

For more information please use our contact form

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